Best Partner of Street Fashion: Sneakers | Online Clothing TRENDYJAPAN

Best Partner of Street Fashion: Sneakers | Online Clothing TRENDYJAPAN

Best Partner of Street Fashion: Sneakers | Online Clothing TRENDYJAPAN


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 What kind of items do you match when you hear denim? I think it depends on the person. Many people think of "T-shirts" as the best denim tops' partners. This time, I would like to talk about the best feet partner of denim: "Sneakers".


First of all, how did sneakers establish themselves as one of the fashion items? I will briefly explain its history.


  1. What are all about Sneakers?

Sneakers are footwear originally developed for "exercise", and the etymology is said to be "a person who creeps up without making noise". Therefore, the material also has a cloth or leather upper and a rubber or urethane sole, and the fit can be adjusted with a system developed independently such as strings and Velcro, and unlike heels and loafers, it is a feature that doesn't make any noises during walking.


  1. When did sneakers start becoming one of the street fashion items?

It is said that the recognition of items as street fashion began around the 1950s when surfers on the west coast of the United States wore T-shirts and shirts and deck shoes and began to go out to the city.


After that, it changed its shape with the release of VANS etc. and spread to young people.


Now, let me explain what kind of sneakers are currently standard. Many of you may know this, but we would appreciate it if you could keep in touch with us for a while.


< Classic Popular Sneakers>

  1. NIKE

The sneaker "NIKE" is irresistible for street fashion lovers. Among them, Air Force 1 is by far the most popular standard item. A simple design sold in the 80's. It can be purchased at a reasonable price of 10,000 yen and is still loved by young people in Japan. Nike sneakers are voluminous overall, so we recommend wearing them as an accent color for both single and monotone color outfits such as shorts and slender pants.


  1. VANS

"VANS" sneakers that are gaining tremendous support among skaters. Among them, "Old School" has become their standard item. These sneakers go well with wide pants, so it's a great pair to wear when you want to enjoy skater fashion.


Vans Japan Official Website|ヴァンズジャパン



The sneaker "CONVERSE" that I love so much. Among them, I like high-tops and are famous among his friends. It is also very popular in Japan as a standard item sneaker for "casual fashion". The high cut of "CONVERSE All Star" is especially compatible with skinny pants and brings about a long leg effect. If you combine with oversized tops 'items, you may feel even more modern. In addition, many "Japan limited items" are sold at CONVERSE shops in Tokyo, so if you are looking for rare items, please check the CONVERSE Japan website.


 I have explained the standard sneakers above, but I would like to introduce sneakers that will become very popular and sneakers made in Japan.


< Sneakers already loved by Korean fashion lovers>


Already very popular with Japanese Korean street fashion lovers. It is also used by Korean celebrities, and I feel that it will become more and more popular in the future. Sneakers with a pop and deep design even in chic colors. The unique design that goes well with slim pants, jogger pants, and dresses is very cute. Even if you incorporate it into your daily life, it will surely become a hot topic. If you check the Japanese website, you will be happy just by looking at it. It's also fun to list it as a challenge item for this year.


< Japanese sneakers that are already very popular overseas as souvenirs and collections in Japan>

Onitsuka Tiger:

Nowadays, the popular sneaker "Onitsuka Tiger" has collectors all over the world. The birthplace is said to be Hyogo prefecture in Japan. It has a long history and is said to have been founded around the 1940s. Onitsuka Tiger is actually the origin of the Japanese sports maker "ASICS". The cool design with a retro feel attracts sneaker lovers all over the world. It is designed to suit all genres of fashion, so please check the official website if you are interested.


< Hot item: Two major sneaker makers with a long history representing Japan.>


"MOONSTAR" sneakers that are durable, hard to break, and have a good reputation for their beautiful design. Manufactured by the Vulcanize method. The design is alike Converse's all-star style design, and it is a sneaker that goes well with the calm wide pants style. Along with the beautiful design, their colors are also beautiful. They also have shoes with the traditional Japanese "Jika-tabi" design, so please check their website.


  1. Asahi

The Asahi sneakers are also durable and beautiful, made by the Vulcanize method, but this manufacturer has a good reputation for deck shoes. In that respect, it is different from "MOONSTAR". These sneakers can be coordinated in any style, including skirts, jeans, and pants. You can buy sneakers of various shapes at reasonable prices, so be sure to check their official website.


I have introduced many kinds of sneakers. I hope that it will be useful for those who want to "challenge sneaker coordination" and those who "want to pursue a new style". In addition, the sneakers introduced this time are part of the standard and featured products, so I hope that you can read them for reference only. “Let's Wear Freedom” together and live a life where you can enjoy fashion!


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