Changes in Harajuku Fashion and Style | Online Clothing Shop

Changes in Harajuku Fashion and Retro Style | Online Clothing Shop

Changes in Harajuku Fashion and Retro Style | Online Clothing Shop


Changes in Harajuku Fashion and Style | Online Clothing Shop



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Due to the influence of restrictions on movement in the corona wreck, the trend of Harajuku fashion has changed over the past few years. 


The retro boom is starting to affect not only games and cafes, but also the world of fashion. In particular, the trend is expanding among digital natives, who are said to be “Generation Z.” 

 Changes in Harajuku Fashion and Style | Online Clothing Shop

This time, we will introduce items from the history of the trend. 


Q1. Please tell us specifically about the retro fashion that is currently popular within the “Z generation”!

A1. The two types of styles we will introduce this time are those that are extremely popular even in the “Z generation” and the styles that are becoming popular beyond the boundaries of the “Z generation”.


a. Decora Fashion: It is said that it originated in the 1990s when young people imitated the style worn by the Japanese talent Tomoe Shinohara (Currently working as a fashion designer). The style was characterized by reasonable "primary color accessories", flashy pants and T-shirts, and other unisex elements with flashy accessories that added a little bit of girlishness. The style that has become popular by combining the elements of Harajuku fashion such as "Lolita" and "Gothic" with the "Sinorah" fashion that was popular in the 90's is called "Decora Fashion(Decora-kei)". Based on the concept of "wear what I want without being restrained by anyone!"

 Changes in Harajuku Fashion and Style | Online Clothing Shop

We don't think anyone would have thought that 90's fashion would become popular in this way. 


b. Showa Retro Fashion: An increasing number of young people are enjoying wearing fashion items from the 50's to 80's when their grandmothers and parents lived in their youth. Especially not only generation Z, but also people in their 40s are enjoying the 80s style. As items, deck shoes, high cut sneakers, bodycon, miniskirts, denim on denim style, bandanas, etc. are included as compulsory items.

 Changes in Harajuku Fashion and Style | Online Clothing Shop

Q2. What triggered the trend?

A2. It is said that the fashion style of BTS, which has become very popular worldwide due to the corona crisis, was the trigger for the epidemic. Derived from there, it is said that even the styles that were popular in Japan in the past have reappeared.


Q3. Do you have any recommended products from that match Harajuku fashion?

A3. This time, we will introduce you to a few of them!



a. For Decora Fashion: How about a super flashy waist and shoulder pouch?




All products are designed by, and orders are automatically sent to overseas factories after the customer purchases. As a design concept, it is designed with the image of "Shinjuku", which created the psychedelic boom in the 60's. It is the best product for the current retro boom. 


b. For Showa Retro Fashion: How about a T-shirt designed with the 80's in mind?





This includes the new T-shirts that will go on sale in advance from November 23rd, but all of the above were designed by with a retro Showa feel in mind. The new work incorporates the "handwriting" that is currently all the rage, and has been processed with a marker effect. 


Regarding the purchase of the T-shirt, it is also set for automatic fulfillment so that it will be produced at the factory closest to the shipping address you registered. Also, regarding East Asia limited T-shirts, the sales area is currently limited, so please check the notes on the product page before purchasing. (The system is set so that you cannot purchase it, but please check in advance.) 


Finally, Pre-order sales of new works will start from November 23rd to 30th. Please take advantage of the following benefits.


1. If you purchase in advance, you will get 5% off.

2. A gift card worth 1,000 yen will be given to those who purchase it!


 Changes in Harajuku Fashion and Style | Online Clothing Shop

Thank you for your time on the blog composition plan this time, but I will continue to create blogs that everyone can enjoy. 



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