Approaching the mystery of the popularity of Korean street fashion in Japan | Online Clothing

Approaching the mystery of the popularity of Korean street fashion in Japan!!

Approaching the mystery of the popularity of Korean street fashion in Japan | Online Clothing

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  It's been quite cold in Tokyo this year, but even so, Korean street fashion is still not overshadowed in Japan. Everyone, I wonder if there are any questions such as "What is the difference between Korean fashion and Japanese fashion?" and "Why do Japanese people like Korean fashion?" in order to answer such questions, we would like to introduce the characteristics of Korean street fashion from all angles, from the history of Korean street fashion in Japan.


Q1. When did Korean street fashion become popular with young Japanese people?

A1. First of all, the Korean TV program "Winter Sonata" started broadcasting in Japan in 2003, and the audience rating was explosive. After that, the popularity of Korean TV program continued in Japan for several years. The Korean idol group "Dong Bang Shin Ki" debuted in Japan from around 2005, and "Big Bang" debuted in Japan in 2009, ignited the popularity of K-Pop. In 2014, with the debut of BTS etc. that everyone knows, not only their musicality but also fashion began to attract attention, and from around 2020 it became explosively popular among young people in Japan.


Q2. Where do young Japanese people who like Korean street fashion buy fashion items and goodies?

A2. Recently, Korean street fashion items tend to be purchased on Korean e-commerce sites. It seems that Korean idol goods and Korean food are procured at "Shin-Okubo" in Tokyo, which is called "Second Harajuku". "Shin-Okubo" has long been regarded as a Korean town, and is also famous as an area where you can eat exquisite Korean home-cooked food.


Q3. I understand how it has permeated young people in Japan. But what kind of style is Korean street fashion?

A3. One of the characteristics of Korean street fashion is that it tends to be more unisex than in Japan. Next, it seems to be a happy shopping for young Japanese people because it tends to catch the fashion of clothing in the world quickly even in Asia, plan it for each brand, and offer it at a lower price than brands originating in Japan. Some features of style coordination are explained below.


Unisex Style Features:


Wear big silhouette tops with skinny jeans or pants, sneakers and glasses or cap.


 Approaching the mystery of the popularity of Korean street fashion in Japan | Online ClothingApproaching the mystery of the popularity of Korean street fashion in Japan | Online Clothing


Popular sneakers in Korean street fashion are "New Balance" and "Converse". Adjust the overall balance by showing your ankles. In addition, the Korean sneakers "AKIII Classic" and "23.65" that we have introduced are also quite popular, and they are also popular in Japan regardless of age. Recently, they've been trying to match flared pants with tight sneakers, and formal wear with sneakers. One of the major features of Korean street fashion is that they can enjoy fashion by using accessories such as caps and glasses.


Q4. Are there any Korean brands that are especially popular with young Japanese people?

A4. Yes. The sneakers are "AKIII Classic" which can be purchased at our company, and the tops are "North Face White Label", which are very popular among young Japanese people. Currently, the North Face brand is very popular in Japan, along with NIKE, regardless of age. Among them, "White Label" is affordable and of the highest quality, so the number of Japanese people who purchase it is increasing rapidly.





Q5. Then, what is the simple difference between Japanese and Korean street fashion?

A5. First of all, the way of thinking about fashion is different. Korea has a reputation as "a pretty fashionable person because they are dressed in that famous Korean fashion brand." Japan, on the other hand, prefers a "mix all" style. Why you ask? The tendency to enjoy fashion coordination and items that "do not wear with other people" has become widespread, especially among young people in Japan. So, they try to combine GU with Korean street fashion items. Next, Japanese brands have less pattern of color usage, and there are many safe designs that everyone likes, while Korean products have a lot of cute and cool designs that stir the imagination. I'm sure that young Japanese people are choosing clothes every day with the excitement and fun of Korean brands.


Q6. Hey you. How old are young Japanese people? I'm over 30 years old, but isn't it suitable for Korean street fashion coordination?

A6. That's not the case. I'm already over 30 years old, but I still enjoy my skinny pants, over-silhouette tops, and sneaker life. However, I've been thinking about TPO properly ... By the way, when it's formal, I wear Yoji Yamamoto and LIMI Feu all over my body.


 How was it? Can you somehow understand how Korean street fashion is pervading in Japan and how young Japanese people are enjoying that style? We will continue to introduce and sell the basic concepts of, such as "products planned in Japan", "made in Japan", and "products that are popular in Japan" on blogs, etc. Thank you for your cooperation.


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