Skaters Street Fashion Extremely Popular Again | Online Clothing

Skaters Street Fashion Extremely Popular Again | Online Clothing

Skaters Street Fashion Extremely Popular Again | Online Clothing


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  The "skateboarding" and "surfing" competitions that attracted attention again at the "Tokyo Olympics" held in Tokyo. It is said to be a sport that will definitely become popular this period. Among them, skateboarding is attracting attention because of its fashion-ability, and it is said that "skateboarding / street fashion will become popular again". This time, we will introduce the "History of Skateboarding" in Japan and the "Skater Street Fashion Brand" which is popular not only with skateboarders but also with the general public in Japan. As additional information, we would like to introduce a "skateboard practice area" in Tokyo that you can enjoy for free or at a low price.

   First of all, I would like to introduce the "history of skateboarding" in Japan. Skateboarding was born in California, USA in the 1940s. Twenty years later, "skateboarding" came to Japan. From the 1980s to the 1990s, the popularity of skateboarding exploded in surfing, and it is said that "evolution of skateboarding technology and tools" began from this time. At the same time, the young Japanese at that time adopted "skateboarding, street fashion, music" and became one of the big fashions. After that, the popularity has settled down, but it is said that it has begun to become popular again at this "Tokyo Olympics".

   Next, I would like to introduce the "skateboard / street fashion brand" that is very popular not only among skateboarders but also among fashionistas who have loved street fashion for many years.



    1. Let's start with the basic coordination of skateboard fashion.



・ Hoodie + pants

・ Shirt + pants

・ Long T-shirt + pants


・ T-shirt + shorts

・ T-shirt + pants


・ Same as spring


・ Hoodie + pants

・ Sweatshirt + pants

・ Shirt + pants

 Match sneakers such as "VANS", "Adidas" and "NIKE" to the above coordination.



  1. Popular classic skateboard fashion brand



Supreme was founded in 1994 by founder James Jebbia on Lafayette Street in New York. With based on his concept, there were nowhere existed a skate shop that I thought was cool at the time, so he planned to run on a skate shop business for real skaters. Initially, the lineup was centered on selection, but it will gradually expand to original products.



Shawn Stussy, a surfboard shaper, started in 1980 as a surf fashion brand in Southern California. It had a great influence on the fashion world, and in the latter half of the 1980s, it gained tremendous support in the street subculture and became popular.



An original brand born from a skater shop launched at San Fransisco in 2002 by professional skater Keith Hufnagel, who died last September. Its reputation is very high and it has become a premium shop among skateboarding enthusiasts not only in the United States but around the world.



  1. From now on, a skateboard fashion brand that will become popular among fashionistas who are not skateboarders.



Established in 2007 in New York's Upper West Side, a street brand with a unique style rooted in underground culture. There are many core fans, and the design that combines vintage texture and modern taste is popular all over the world.


Fucking Awesome

The brand was launched in 2003 by a unique combination of skateboarder Jason Dill and photographer Mike Piscitelli. Jason Dill is a skater who was said to be a genius in the NY skating world in the 90's. A brand featuring an original logo and a satirical print pattern that he develops with his unique sensibility and individuality. Currently, it is a hot topic among American celebrities.



Anwar "Carrots" Washington in Trenton, NJ founded PEAS & CARROTS INTERNATIONAL in 2007. Around 2015, his unique and creative style became famous and CARROTS BY ANWAR started. A cute and artistic street brand that seems to be loved all over the world.








   Finally, I would like to introduce three "free and cheap" skateboarding practice areas in Tokyo.


  1. Komazawa Olympic Park: Street Sports Square (Intermediate to Advanced)


It is a skateboard park in Komazawa SS Square in Komazawa Olympic Park. The road surface is very clean, the quality of the park is very high even in Tokyo, and many skaters gather.

It's not very large, but it's quite spacious and well-equipped as a park in the 23 wards. Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are very crowded, and it is a famous park where many people who are like professional skaters and skaters as good as professionals. It may be a difficult task for a beginner to go skating alone.



  1. Yunagi Bridge Playground: Tamachi Skate Park


It is a skateboard park that is a 10-minute walk from Tamachi Station.

To be honest, it's not very large, but the road surface is well done in beautiful and equipped.


<Business Hours>

May-October 9: 00-21: 00

November-April 9: 00-19: 00


It is open until late, so it is a perfect park for office workers working in the city center. Registration is required to use the service, but you can register locally.



  1. Yashio Kita Park Skate Park


There are many corners that seem to be for high-level skaters, but it is a practice area that even beginners can enjoy. Even in Tokyo, the road surface condition is at a fairly high level and equipped with facilities that can be enjoyed by beginners to advanced users, making it one of the few practice areas that is easy for users of all levels to use. As it is managed by the ward, the usage fee is reasonable. We have summarized the details roughly, so please check the following.


<Address> 1-3-1, Yashio, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

<Nearest station> Shinagawa Seaside Station

<Parking> Available, 27 cars can be parked right next to the skate park, free of charge

<Fees> Adults 400 yen (Shinagawa ward residents 200 yen), children 200 yen (Shinagawa ward residents 100 yen)

<Business hours> 9: 00-21: 00

<Safety Equipment> Mandatory to wear

<Toilet> Yes

<Changing room> Yes

<Vending machine> Yes

<Convenience store> It is not in the neighborhood, so it is better to prepare in advance.

<Ticket purchase> At the management office


Depending on the situation, admission restrictions and business hours may have changed, so we recommend that you search for the latest information on each park on Google etc. in advance before using it.


   In summary, we featured a blog with a focus on "skateboarding and street fashion." With so many people working from home now, I hope this blog will be a great hint for many to make shopping indoors and a mile in a fun and fashionable way. In addition, the original brand products of "Trendy Japan" will be sold only on the EC site "Trendy Japan", centering on "Skateboarding and Street Fashion". You will surely find what you like.

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