About TOKYO's Power-Spiritual Spots | Online Clothing TRENDYJAPAN

About TOKYO's Power-Spiritual Spots | Online Clothing TRENDYJAPAN

About TOKYO's Power-Spiritual Spots | Online Clothing TRENDYJAPAN

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 You may have lived or traveled to Japan, but there is also a "power spiritual spot" in the concrete jungle Tokyo. In fact, "Power Spiritual Spot Tour" is currently a secret boom among Japanese people. Some younger generations are collecting "Goshuin".

 Some people may wonder, "What is a power spiritual spot?" Or, need some explanations about "Which part of Tokyo do you recommend as a power spiritual spot?" On this time, we will summarize you about "what is it all about Power Spiritual Spot?".

Q1. What is all about Goshuin?

A1. Seals and imprints that are mainly stamped on worshipers at Japanese shrines and temples

Q2. Is it something like the "stamp rally" of railways that was popular in Japan a long time ago?

A2. It totally says "No". The red seal contains the names of shrines and temples, and the names of gods and Buddha, and is treated in the same way as "Ofuda with a prayer."

Q3. How do Japanese people collect and store these Goshuin?

A3. Since ancient times, Japanese people have stored a large number of "Goshuin" by purchasing folding screens (orihon) with hardcovers on both sides at shrines and temples, bookstores, stationery stores, etc. Orihon is called "Goshuincho".

Q4. Can I get the "Goshuin" anywhere in the shrines and temples?

A4. It is generally stamped by the staff of shrines and temples, priests, monks, parishioners, etc., and the worshipers cannot freely stamp it. However, in the case of temples and shrines that are often unmanned or unmanned, they may be prepared so that worshipers can push them. If you are unsure, please check the website in advance or contact the "Shrine/Temple office".

 So far, I have briefly explained about "Goshuin", but in fact, the "power spiritual spots" in Japan are not limited to shrines and temples. Here, I will explain "What is a power spiritual spot?"  It's again in a "Q & A" style for everyone to make understood easier.

Q5. What is all about “Power Spiritual Spots”?

A5. It is a special "Place" scattered around the earth, and is also known as a "Kiba (Zero magnetic energy spot)". It is a place that rejuvenates the mind and body and gives healing.

Q6. Then, what kind of places in Tokyo are famous as "power spiritual spots" other than shrines and temples?

A6. I would like to introduce some of them as below.

  1. Ikedayama Park (Place: Gotanda, Tokyo)
  2. Ueno Onshi Park (Place: Ueno, Tokyo)
  3. Senzoku Pond (Place: Senzoku, Tokyo)
  4. Imperial Palace (Place: Tokyo, Tokyo)

Among them, my recommendation is "Ikedayama Park", "Ueno Onshi Park" and “Senzoku Pond”. I will briefly introduce the recommended spots.

◎Ikedayama Park (Place: Gotanda, Tokyo)

In the Edo period, there was a mansion of Mr. Ikeda, the owner of Okayama Castle, and it was used as a mansion of Mr. Ikeda even after the abolition of the domain. "Ikedayama Park" is said to be the backyard of his mansion. It is a park with a height difference that makes the best use of the mountain hills. "Ikedayama Park" is said to have a dragon vein from Mt. Fuji. It is said to be good for refreshing when you are tired because it contains Fuji, which is equivalent to Feng Shui's Dragon Hall. Actually, when I go to this park when I'm tired and want to refresh myself, my head is refreshed and I feel like I can work comfortably the next day.

 About TOKYO's Power-Spiritual Spots | Online Clothing TRENDYJAPAN

◎Ueno Onshi Park (Place: Ueno, Tokyo)

Ueno Onshi Park is also known as "Ueno Park" or "Ueno no Mori". The park is located on the tongue-shaped plateau "Uenodai" on the edge of the Musashino Plateau, and has powerful power spots such as Hanazono Inari Shrine and Shinobazu Pond. In addition, there are countless of Tokyo's strongest "power spiritual spots" around the park. It is said to have various benefits such as improved luck, good luck, purification, marriage, and prosperity of business. Among them, "Shinobazu Pond" is recommended, and there is an oasis in the city, which is the best place for healing and refreshing. Please drop in when you come to Tokyo.

 About TOKYO's Power-Spiritual Spots | Online Clothing TRENDYJAPANAbout TOKYO's Power-Spiritual Spots | Online Clothing TRENDYJAPAN

◎Senzoku Pond (Place: Senzoku, Tokyo)

Senzokuike is a spring pond with no river that flows into it. Benzaiten is enshrined on Nakajima on the north side of the pond, and of the four main water sources that originally existed, only Shimizukubo Benzaiten's flood water remains. However, it is still a pond with abundant water. It is said that the origin of the name was "Senzoku" because "There is a good report that Nichiren, who was on his way to the hot springs of Hitachi, washed his feet in this pond." Senzokuike is famous for its scenic beauty, and is a spiritual power spot that stores abundant natural energy from the vegetation that grows there. In particular, more than 200 cherry trees are planted around the pond, making it a very famous place for cherry blossom viewing. In addition, there is a grave of Mr. and Mrs. Katsu Kaishu who played an important role in "Edo Castle Bloodless Capitulation" etc., and  I pray several times in front of the tomb as one of the great men I admire. This pond has a mysterious power that makes a tired mind quite positive. Why don't you come and visit us?

 About TOKYO's Power-Spiritual Spots | Online Clothing TRENDYJAPAN

 There are many other "power spiritual spots" in Tokyo that are "other than shrines and temples," but each person has their own, so please use this as a reference only.

 Now, I would like to introduce the "power spiritual spots" of shrines and temples. Since this is a "shrine and temple that is secretly popular with people living in Tokyo," there are major places and maniac places. Therefore, please use this as a reference as well. I will introduce it in "Q & A" this time as well.

Q7. Specifically, what does a "shrine or temple" mean to Japanese people?

A7. Today's Japanese are said to be "non-religious." However, there has been a custom of praying at "shrines and temples" for a long time, and we are growing up with the recognition that "God" and "human beings" are normally integrated into our daily lives. Therefore, it is a place of "Japanese mind" that accepts everyone "no denomination or religion" and is always used in Japanese events. Therefore, Japanese people always pray at shrines and temples when they are in a difficult situation or at the beginning of the year. Therefore, "a place of heart that is closely related to the lives of Japanese people" is positioned as a shrine or temple.

Q8. I understand that it is a place for everyone regardless of religion, but which "shrines and temples" are popular in Tokyo?

A8. Meiji Jingu is the most popular shrine for the year-end and New Year holidays. However, due to the recent popularity of "power spiritual spots," each Japanese person has their favorite temples and shrines, and it seems that some people change them accordingly.

Q9. Do you have a recommended "shrine or temple"?

A.9 Here, I would like to introduce my recommended "shrine" and “temple” as below.

  1. Atago Shrine (Place: Atago, Tokyo)
  2. Ueno Toshogu Shrine (Place: Ueno, Tokyo)
  3. Hebi Kubo Shrine (Place: Futaba Cho, Tokyo)
  4. Hie Shrine (Place: Akasaka, Tokyo)
  5. Sengakuji Temple (Place: Sengaku, Tokyo)
  6. Meguro Fudoson (Place: Fudomae, Tokyo)
  7. Sensoji Temple (Place: Asakusa, Tokyo)

 Among them, my recommended spots are "Atago Shrine", "Hebi Kubo Shrine", and "Ueno Toshogu". The explanation is written below, so please refer to it.

◎Atago Shrine (Place: Atago, Tokyo)

Atago Shrine is famous not only for being the "best career advancement shrine in the city center" but also for being the "highest natural mountain in the 23 wards of Tokyo". It is Mt. Atago, which is located in the center of the city but has more greenery than expected. Therefore, you have to climb quite a few stairs on the slope. Among them, "Stone stairs of career advancement" is famous and is said to have the effect of improving work luck, career advancement luck, and love luck. The legend is derived from "The Anecdote of Kanei 3 Equestrian", and Heikuro Kugaki, who was praised by the third shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu as "the best equestrian in Japan", succeeded in running up the stone steps with a horse and taking the branches of plums. From the anecdote that an unknown samurai became famous nationwide, it seems that it became famous nationwide as "the stone stairs of career advancement ". In fact, I always go up the stone steps once a year and go down the mountain in prayer to the god at the top. Be sure to wear sneakers when climbing this stone staircase. Also, since there are many mosquitoes in the summer, it is recommended to spray insect repellent before climbing.

About TOKYO's Power-Spiritual Spots | Online Clothing TRENDYJAPAN 

◎Hebi Kubo Shrine (Place: Futaba Cho, Tokyo)

It is the best money luck power spot where white snakes and dragon gods are enshrined in Tokyo. In Japanese, "Mi" is called a snake and "Tatsu" means a dragon. Enshrining snakes and dragons are said to "Stand Up" because of the balance of Japanese pronunciation, and is said to be useful for money luck and work luck. This shrine is called my "Guardian Deity" and seems to have pregnant me a long time ago when my parents lived in this neighborhood. I was born in the year of the dragon, so I was thinking of praying for a long time. Recently, it has become easier to adjust the time, so I was finally able to pray this year. The roads are quite complicated because they are in a residential area. Therefore, it is difficult to find from the station. It is recommended to check with GPS in advance before departure.

 About TOKYO's Power-Spiritual Spots | Online Clothing TRENDYJAPAN

◎Ueno Toshogu Shrine (Place: Ueno, Tokyo)

Ueno Toshogu Shrine is said to be the only "god of competition" in Tokyo. It is said that it is beneficial to pray when there is an event that you cannot lose. This shrine has a long history, and the existing shrine was rebuilt by the third shogun, Iemitsu, and it seems to be a very valuable building that still remains without being burnt down in the war or earthquake. In addition to Ieyasu, Yoshimune and the last shogun Yoshinobu are enshrined as deities, and I think this is a must-see shrine for those who like Japanese history. Ueno Toshogu Shrine is also a very famous place for "Azaleas", and it is a valuable spot in Tokyo where you can feel nature and history. I also like this shrine quite a bit, but I am currently refraining from traveling by train due to a worldwide infectious disease. Also, I will definitely go when the situation improves. The main building of shrine is really beautiful, so please stop by when you come to Japan.

 About TOKYO's Power-Spiritual Spots | Online Clothing TRENDYJAPANAbout TOKYO's Power-Spiritual Spots | Online Clothing TRENDYJAPANAbout TOKYO's Power-Spiritual Spots | Online Clothing TRENDYJAPAN

 I have explained and introduced some of the power-spiritual spots in Tokyo. How was it? Even if you can't go to the power spiritual spot right now, it is said that photography alone is effective. As this blog is featured this time, we are using photos taken of power spiritual spots by ourselves that are beneficial to our T-shirt design. Thus, I hope you will feel like you went there.

We, the Trendy Japan staff, pray for health and happiness of all!

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