Change to New Shipping Rate | Online Clothing TRENDYJAPAN

Change to New Shipping Rate | Online Clothing TRENDYJAPAN

Change to New Shipping Rate | Online Clothing TRENDYJAPAN


 Change to New Shipping Rate | Online Clothing TRENDYJAPAN



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Search: 3 results found for "H/T Sneaker Dark Cerulean" – TrendyJapan The shipping cost from the original brand product production factory has soared, and from July 6th, we have raised the price of the original brand product and reduced the shipping cost instead. Please check the link below for shipping details.


Shipping policy – TrendyJapan We have expanded the shipping charges for our main products T-shirts, bags, caps, flip-flops, and waist / shoulder pouches from the purchase of the first product to the countries eligible for free shipping. Free shipping if you purchase 2 or more pairs of sneakers. We will continue to make price adjustments while observing exchange rates and trends of related companies, so we would appreciate it if you could understand this point.



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In addition, the number of viewers of the Pinterest official account on has exceeded 200K today, and we are grateful to all of you for holding a special sales event in the near future!

Therefore, we would like to hear your opinions and requests for the event, so please visit the URL below and let us know your opinions and requests.


Contact | Online Clothing Store TRENDYJAPAN | TrendyJapan



The period will be from July 7th to 10th. will send you a special gift to those who have accepted your opinions and requests.


We look forward to your participation everyone!


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