How to Choose a T-shirt Online. | Online Clothing in Japan TRENDYJAPAN

How to Choose a T-shirt Online. | Online Clothing in Japan TRENDYJAPAN

How to Choose a T-shirt Online. | Online Clothing Store TRENDYJAPAN


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I think that people who like T-shirts have their own particularity. I haven't bought T-shirts and pants that match everyday wear at roadside stores for about 10 years. Yes, I buy "T-shirts" and "pants" by so-called online surfing and enjoy them.

This time, I will show you the tips of my "How do I buy T-shirts online?"

In my case, I have already enjoyed fashion for many years and have grasped the style that suits me. Maybe people who enjoy this blog many times know ...

1. Pants are skinny jeans or pants
2. Bring a voluminous T-shirt on top
3. Shoes are Converse high-top sneakers. Flip-flops in summer.

The above is the basic style that suits me, and I add accents to it with fashion accessories such as bags, caps, and straw hats.

Today, I am spending the day in the style shown in the picture below.


japanese online style blog trendyjapan


Now, let me tell you what kind of insistence I have when I buy T-shirts only online!

My insistence on choosing T-shirts online and the points are ...

1. T-shirt quality and thickness
Quality / Manufacturing Method:
By choosing a high-quality T-shirt, you can purchase it with the image of old clothes that you have worn for several years. It's easy to imagine the shape of the T-shirt after washing, depending on where the T-shirt is made.

My favorite is the United Athle T-shirt. The T-shirt that I coordinate today is rather a piece designed by based on the T-shirt made by United Athle. Below is a photo of my personal United Athle T-shirt. Actually, this T-shirt ... I've been wearing it for almost 6 years. The fading feel makes the skinny jeans go great with Converse.





japanese online style blog trendyjapan


japanese online style blog trendyjapan

I wear a T-shirt with a basic thickness of 5.6 oz, but I also coordinate with a thin T-shirt and a fashionable tank top. It will be unveiled next time!

2. T-shirt length
This is my particular point, and I always decide that the length is 75 cm or more and purchase it online. By wearing it two sizes larger than the normal size, you can balance slim pants and T-shirts.

This point is different for each person, and I think which style suits me best, so I recommend buying T-shirts online for those who are particular about their size and style.

Since I choose T-shirts with the above insistence, I have never missed a T-shirt purchase online. Rather, if you buy a T-shirt online, you can find rare items and meet "one of your own", so I think it's a shopping that suits me.

By all means, how about pioneering "your own online T-shirt purchasing technique" and enjoying online shopping by referring to the above?






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