How to coordinate with Big Size Hoodies | Online Clothing in Japan

How to coordinate with Big Size Hoodies | Online Clothing in Japan

How to coordinate with Big Size Hoodies | Online Clothing in Japan

I deliberately like to choose oversized T-shirts, hoodies and jackets. This is because my favorite "Converse high-top sneakers" and "skinny pants" are combined as part of the standard coordination item. I've enjoyed this way of wearing for the last few years.

Here, I will introduce how you wear the hoodie, along with your personal belongings.


The photo above is a selection of Trendy Japan hoodie in extra-large gray. The tops are gray, so black skinny jeans on the bottom. For shoes, select the black leather material of the Converse high-cut monochrome series. I will introduce it together with other accessories.


This is Converse's monochrome leather boots that I've been using for over 5 years now. You don't need winter boots with this one pair.


This is also my favorite "shoulder pouch" and "cap". The cap is currently on sale at a select shop on, and I like it and buy it immediately. My hobby is walking, so I bought a shoulder pouch at a general store in Tokyo. The cap is convenient when taking a walk. My head isn't cold either.

I also have a black hoodie from, and that's the coordination as below...


Since the shoes are in autumn, I will match them with black Converse, but the pants will be paired with chemical wash skinny jeans that will give a cool accent.

In the future, we will introduce more coordination including personal belongings, so we look forward to your continued support.

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