Style book for Mandala T-shirt | Online Clothing Store TRENDYJAPAN

Style book for Mandala T-shirt | Online Clothing Store TRENDYJAPAN

Style book for Mandala T-shirt | Online Clothing Store TRENDYJAPAN


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TrendyJapan - Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt - Grey Mandala East Asia Only | TrendyJapan


Please excuse me for not being able to write. I have been searching for various things for a while.

I wear my brand T-shirt almost every day these days. My favorite styles are "slim pants" and "large T-shirts".

The Kanto region of Japan has entered the pre-summer season "rainy season". It's a really difficult time because it's cold and damp. Meanwhile, I designed it myself and bought the one I liked for myself! Yes, that T-shirt "Mandala" is now a hot topic on I bought a charcoal gray mandala to match my black skinny jeans.


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How is it? Actually, I recently changed my hairstyle ...


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My hairstylist made my hair with the base color much brighter and highlighted it with a lighter color. What my hair haven't changed is the asymmetrical hairstyle. The left one is trimmed a lot so that the upper hair naturally hangs on my ears. The bangs are also quite asymmetric. With such a hairstyle, the color of this T-shirt is chic but fashionable. Black skinny is also nice!





The T-shirts I buy and wear are East Asian limited T-shirts designed as using "Print Star", which is said to be the god of T-shirts. For people in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Brazil, India, etc., we sell T-shirts designed as using heavy weight T-shirts made by "Gildan", so the colors are also wonderful. It's an assortment of products.


I'll show you the front and back of my Mandala T-shirt only for a little bit.


TrendyJapan Style BlogTrendyJapan Style Blog



How is it? Will I look old if I wear this color at first? I was a little worried, but the color was love at first sight, so I believed in that feeling and bought it, which was the correct answer! It goes great with black skinny jeans, and the bag tag is cute, isn't it? In terms of bottoms, I think that this color really stands out when matched with black or earth color skirts and pants!


Also, I will be wearing pretty colorful skinny pants just before the summer performance, so I will introduce the combination coordination of personal belongings and products around that. looking forward to!






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