Year-End Discount Sale Latest Information

// Data update will start from 3:00 pm Japan time on the 15th. //

 First shot

 Regular discount: 10% discount for target products

 Regular discount for Fashion Accessories: 3% to 5% discount for target products

 Start date and time: November 30, from 12 :00 am Japan time

 End date: December 15th until 8:00 pm Japan time

 Second shot

 Regular discount: 15% discount for target products

Regular discount for Fashion Accessories: 5% to 8% discount for target products

Start date and time:  December 15, from 17 :30 pm Japan time

 End date: December 30th until 8:00 pm Japan time

 Note) This Year-End Discount Sale Only for sale items. The first stage target products will be added around 8 pm Japan time on December 1st. Stay tuned. Benefits for email subscribers. Details will be sent to email subscribers later.

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