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In the Okinawa region of Japan, the rainy season ended yesterday. After this, the rainy season will end one after another in various parts of Japan, and it will be the summer production. Currently, the rainy season is in the middle of Tokyo, but the humidity is rising and the days of steaming continue. After all, it seems that we have to enjoy fashion while taking measures against heat stroke this summer.

So, here is one recommended item from! Trendy Japan beach sandals designed last summer! I also use it regularly! The special event discount from the 26th is also eligible, so please refer to it.

What is so good? that is…


1. Outstanding comfort:


The insole that fits the sole of the foot is comfortable, and there is no need to worry about the sole getting dirty with rubber! What's more, the insole and sole go great together, so your feet won't get tired even if you walk for a long time.





2. Dirt on the sides of the flip-flops is less noticeable.


Please see the picture below. flip-flops that I have been wearing for a year now.


style blog japanese online trendyjapan


 I can't deny the feeling of wearing it, but the dirt that sticks to those flip-flops is not noticeable. By the way, I also use this flip-flop for a walk in the early morning of summer, but my legs are not tired easily and dirt is not noticeable, so I will use it this summer as well!


3. Cute and pop summer design like Japan

First of all, let's see all kinds of original flip-flops!



All products are designed with all themes in Japan. for example,


a. Favorite by the author! Unisex Flip-Flops Trendy B | Japanese Online Clothing TRENDYJAPAN


style blog japanese online trendyjapan


What is good? First of all, the dirt is not noticeable, it is easy to do chic everyday styling, and it goes well with fashion items such as straw hats! When you take off your flip-flops, the retro katakana design and the torii logo of the shrine remind you of summer in Japan.





b. Unisex Flip-Flops Jellyfish | Japanese Online Clothing TRENDYJAPAN


style blog japanese online trendyjapan


This is the best-selling flip-flops last year. In fact, in Tokyo, Japan, the "aquarium" is currently a very popular spot during the summer. The "aquarium" at night is especially popular, and you can enjoy a different "aquarium" with special lighting and visual effects, making it one of the healing spots of summer in Tokyo. A work designed with the image of Tokyo. The pop color is a dish that you can enjoy summer. How about using it for leisure this summer?


style blog japanese online trendyjapan 


Even the 10-day limited special event from the 26th is a "target product", so why not take this opportunity to purchase it? Next time, I would like to introduce the actual coordination. looking forward to!




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