About US | Cross-border EC online consultant Trendy Japan

About US | Cross-border EC online consultant Trendy Japan


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Introducing a brief career of the founder Asano.


In the United States, Ms. Asano enrolled in a four-year college and graduated with a Dean's List grade.
After returning to Japan, Ms. Asano worked for a cargo handling company of a foreign airline and was in charge of logistics management of international logistics and trade of a major foreign construction machinery manufacturer. Received two awards the General Manager's Award and the in-house MVP. After that, after working as assistant manager in the air cargo division of a major foreign-affiliated international logistics company, she left the company in October 2020 and opened TrendyJapan.net in January 2021.



1. What kind of store is TrendyJapan.net?



  👉From 2021 to May 31, 2023, we sold Trendy Japan's original apparel brands exclusively on our cross-border EC sites.

  👉From January 2023, we started a full-scale cross-border EC consulting business as Shopify Partners.

  👉In response to requests from many clients, from around mid-June 2023, Trendy Japan's EC site will be renewed to consultancy specifications.



2. It is a consulting specification, but what kind of things is the site roughly selling?


Our cross-border EC site is…

 👉Providing Membership blog about cross-border EC business.

 👉Providing useful information for doing business with Japan (Membership Only).

 👉Publishing and selling business e-books.

 👉Selling our original T-Shirts as goods.



Please let us know if there is a reason for renewing to a "consulting site" other than a request from a client of Trendy Japan!


Another reason is...

  👉A rapid increase in requests from clients who actually change to crossーborder EC business.

👉The way to work in Japan has changed dramatically.


About US | Cross-border EC online consultant Trendy Japan


4. What has "Trendy Japan" achieved since its founding in January 2021? What are the goals of “Trendy Japan” after that?




<From January 2021 to September 2021>

  • Get over 2000 followers on Instagram
  • Get 7 or more repeaters until you buy
  • Top 3 ongoing high traffic rates as a Shopify store


  • Get Instagram followers of over 3K
  • Earn more than 15 purchase repeaters
  • Monthly average sales target of 100 or more T-shirts
  • Launching a new business
  • Got over 20K viewers in a short period of time with Pinterest ads!


  • Became a certified level at a major crowdsourcing portal site in Japan
  • Achieve 10 or more repeaters
  • Enhancing the membership blog around mid-June
  • Making a business profitable
  • We want as many people as possible to understand cross-border e-commerce and become fans of Trendy Japan's blogs and e-books!
  • We will do our best to lead our clients' cross-border EC business to success.