About TrendyJapan.net | Online Clothing Store TRENDYJAPAN

About TrendyJapan.net | Online Clothing Store TRENDYJAPAN

Introducing a brief career of the founder Asano.


In the United States, Ms. Asano enrolled in a four-year college and graduated with a Dean's List grade.
After returning to Japan, Ms. Asano worked for a cargo handling company of a foreign airline and was in charge of logistics management of international logistics and trade of a major foreign construction machinery manufacturer. Received two awards the General Manager's Award and the in-house MVP. After that, after working as assistant manager in the air cargo division of a major foreign-affiliated international logistics company, she left the company in October 2020 and opened TrendyJapan.net in January 2021.



1. What kind of store is TrendyJapan.net?


We are a Japanese cross-border online shopping store that introduces and sells Japan to the world through apparel, with the three pillars of "products planned in Japan," "products made in Japan," and "products that are popular in Japan."




2. Why did A. Asano, the founder of "Trendy Japan.net", consider the EC business?


Smooth flow from manufacturing / shipping to customer = Efficiency = Value for customer / company (relationship that benefits both sides)


Ms. Asano, the founder of "Trendy Japan.net", has been involved in the trade and international logistics business for more than 10 years. The "Digitalization of International Trade Business + Paperless" project was carried out when the founder was an employee of a foreign-affiliated manufacturer. The founder succeeded in reducing costs by more than 3 million yen and making it paperless by more than 60% in one year, and won an in-house award. In the many years of experience and time of the founder, she realized that "quick flow between customer and company = efficiency improvement" is the biggest merit, and the best tool is "digital". In order to establish a company centered on "digital international transactions," the founder finally said goodbye to the lives of office workers in October 2020, and started the establishment of "TrendyJapan.net" in January 2021.

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Why did "A.Asano" establish "T-shirt store" as an EC site?


Started selling unique and fun T-shirts, which has been a hobby for many years, on our EC site.


In fact, the founder "A.Asano" has lived in the United States for many years and returned to Japan, but she said, "In the United States, there were many unique, fun, and comfortable T-shirts that stir my imagination. And I enjoyed every day." And today it is still one of her hobbies. In short, the hobby of the founder "Asano" is to enjoy "street fashion" on a daily basis, and her attitude has not changed even in middle age, and she has been commuting since she was a salaryman. While she remains motivated every day, she shows off street fashion at the company event "Casual Friday".

"Anyway, if you want to start an international transaction, you want a unique T-shirt that's fun and fun," the founder continued. Based on the concept of "Let's wear it freely!", The founder made it possible to produce unique T-shirts with creativity that stimulates the desire for coordination through contracts with world-class POD companies and suppliers. In addition, they are all efficiently lubricated by "digital international transactions" via the EC website nowadays.

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4. Why did the founder put up the concept of "Let's Wear Freedom!"?


The concept was set up with the image of removing all "walls" and reflecting the freedom to stir the imagination, including the coordination of clothes.


After experiencing the growing popularity of "Japanese products and culture" in American life for many years, the recent increase in tourists to Japan is to buy them "Japanese and anime T-shirts and products" as their souvenirs. In addition, due to the unprecedented boom "Big Silhouette Style" in Japan, more and more people are buying unique T-shirts. Based on the above, based on street fashion that removes the barrier between "Japanese taste" and "foreigner's taste", we considered things that have no borders such as age, gender, and nationality. Therefore, we launched the "Trendy Japan" brand with the concept of "Let's Wear Freedom" where you can experience the fun of "thinking about coordination yourself".

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5. How does she design the "Trendy Japan" brand prints? Is she asking a professional such as an illustrator?


No. The founder herself designs it as a company-specific product.


Although it is a T-shirt design, the founder herself does it.  The founder studied and used graphic software such as Photoshop when she was a university student in the United States. After retiring from the company in 2020, she bought a basic book from the EC site and started studying again from scratch. She writes the ideas that come to her mind on paper, make good use of the photographs and materials that she has taken and stored up to now, process them, combine them, and create them. She continues to study and create those.

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6. What has "Trendy Japan" achieved since its founding in January 2021? What are the goals of “Trendy Japan” after that?

<From January 2021 to September 2021>

  • Get over 2000 followers on Instagram
  • Get 7 or more repeaters until you buy
  • Top 3 ongoing high traffic rates as a Shopify store


  • Get Instagram followers of over 3K
  • Earn more than 15 purchase repeaters
  • Monthly average sales target of 100 or more T-shirts
  • Launching a new business

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7. Why does "Trendy Japan" need to continuously generate sales profits? For whom? 


         For whom? It is for "customers" and for an EC company called  "TrendyJapan".  


In order to streamline "international trade transactions" in "digital", which is valuable to "customers" and more valuable for "our EC company", we will further update the API and find a supplier with the best API. We believe that continuing to provide new products, developing new services, and continuing to update to the User-Friendly EC site for our customers is our growth and building a relationship of trust with our customers. For those purposes, the actual point "profit" is necessary, and we would like to use it as a starting point to build better relationships and trust with customers, and to provide the latest services and products. Please grow "Trendy Japan" with your support as our "customers". Let's wear "freedom" together!

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8. Are you going to withdraw from the merchant business?

  Many years of working experience + Experience of the last year = Useful Value for entrepreneurs, stores, and small businesses

We, "Trendy Japan.net", want to grow as a company while always keeping up with the times. Therefore, in order to always be close to the merchant, while continuing to be a merchant, it is our experience so far for startup entrepreneurs centered on the apparel and art industry, stores, and small businesses that want to start selling on EC sites, etc. Isn't it useful for value? We thought, and decided to develop an "EC site construction/consulting business" as a help business for everyone. Also, as you know, we are originally experts in trade and international logistics. We believe that it will be useful from that perspective as well.