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About HELP & FAQ | Online Clothing Store TRENDYJAPAN

About HELP & FAQ | Online Clothing Store TRENDYJAPAN

1. HELP: The shipping fee is basically provided below.

 2. HELP: About shipping source and delivery route

a. TrendyJapan original brand:

Our Trendy Japan original brand is manufactured at the following bases and is the delivery source.

Asia: Japan, China, Latvia, The United States

North America: China, Latvia, The United States

Europe: Latvia, The United States, Other EU factories

United Kingdom: Latvia, The United States, Other EU factories

Oceania: Latvia, The United States, China, Other Oceania factories


Manufacturing / delivery base company: Printful*


Manufacturing base and fulfillment confirmed: In 24hours 
From manufacturing to shipping: 5-7 days (It may be up to 10 days depending on the situation.)
Please consider the delivery schedule from 7 to 14 days plus the above schedule to complete the delivery from your order.


3. FAQ:

Q1. I live in Europe, can I pay VAT etc. at Trendy Japan?

A1. We are an online clothing and affiliate store based in our home country of Japan. Therefore, you have made a purchase in Japan, and the purchase price already includes the "Japanese domestic consumption tax". We would appreciate it if you could understand that all VAT will be borne by the customer.

Q2. Could you tell us about VAT rate etc.?

A2. We have many customers in the UK as well as the European Union, and we are always inquiring about VAT and import tax. Therefore, if you put the desired product in the cart and contact our admin office


Contact Us | TrendyJapan


, we will support the tax rate and tax calculation. Please feel free to contact us. We will contact you by email during office business hours.

Q3. I'm Japanese, but will import tax be levied on products from overseas?

A3. Regarding Japan, the import is stipulated as follows.

For example, "in the case of import for personal use" ...

Taxable price of personal import = 60% of retail price of goods x tariff rate

If you purchase for sale to a third party (small import), the taxable price calculation will change, so please contact us Contact Us | TrendyJapan.

Also, if you have any questions about the tax rate, please feel free to contact us.

 Q4. Why do you regularly raise product prices? Also, do you take specific measures as your company?

A4. In the global trend, rising infrastructure prices have forced all prices to rise. In order to suppress the impact of the price increase as much as possible, we are considering "price review" once a month. When raising the price, in order to reduce the number of price increases as much as possible, we perform all calculations and sell packages.

Q5. I live in Singapore, but would like to check the import tax etc. before purchasing? May I contact you?

A5. Yes. Please contact us at any time from Contact Us | TrendyJapan. We will contact you during office hours.

Q6. What if there is a delivery delay after ordering?

A6. We will finish the delivery tracking within office hours and send you a progress email. Therefore, we will track until the item arrives at the customer's hand, so you can use our service with confidence.

Q7. I want Trendy Japan original brand sneakers, but my country doesn't seem to be in the delivery country. How can I buy it?

A7. Since we cannot ship from the warehouse or factory of the delivery source, more and more people are giving up on purchasing. In that case, we will accept the purchase request with a quote, so please contact us Contact Us | TrendyJapan first.

Q8. Which country is currently banned from transportation? Also, are there any countries that are not listed in your delivery target country?

A8. Please check the details below.

No delivery country: Russia, Belarus, Iran, Syria, North Korea, China (except Hong Kong), Myanmar etc.

Countries not eligible for delivery: South America, some Asia, Africa, Some Middle East, Some Europe

Reason: Regarding countries where delivery is prohibited, we have decided in consideration of the rules of world trade and domestic circumstances. Regarding countries that are not eligible for delivery, we are currently not conducting commercial transactions in consideration of the circumstances of each country and the unstable factors of the distribution network. Please check our company NEWS | TrendyJapan for details as the delivery target country may change in the future.

If you have any questions or would like to contact Trendy Japan, please feel free to contact us from Contact Us | TrendyJapan.

 Q9. The delivery schedule is 7 to 14 days, but do you add the preparation period and manufacturing schedule?

A9. 2. HELP: About shipping source and delivery route There is a description in the section, so please check the details of that, or check the "delivery details" on each product page. However, there may be some discrepancies (may be accelerated) depending on the unavoidable force and manufacturing conditions. We track each package individually, so we will provide you with the latest information. In that respect, it is part of our unique service that you can purchase with confidence.


Q10. Is there a service that can advance the delivery schedule?

A10. Our service is priced while watching the trend of transportation cost so that we can provide our service to our customers as cheaply as possible. An early delivery schedule means that the customer will be charged for that amount, so that option is not set for regular purchases. If you would like early delivery, please contact us before purchasing. We will quote it separately.