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Refund Policy | Online Clothing Shop


1.Delivery may be delayed during a natural disaster or infectious disease; in which case we will be sure to contact you.


2.If there is a delay other than the above items for more than a month, please contact us once and we will refund the full amount while considering the situation.


3. All the products ordered by the customer are "inspected" by us and our cooperative company. After that, we switch to packaging for either international or domestic transportation and transport it. In the unlikely event that there is damage, we will respond by either "Refund" or "Free resend", so please contact us. At that time, we will ask you to show "photograph of the package of evidence" and "photograph of the damaged contents", and after confirming it with us, we will inform the customer of the result. We would appreciate it if you could keep this in mind. Regarding product damage after delivery, please note that we cannot provide "refund" or "free resend" if there is no proof photo.


4. Please note that we cannot accept returns after purchase in principle. Refunds will only be accepted for sudden out-of-stock items, product damage, or shipping damage.