Online Class Policy

Cancellation Policy
Please note that those who have applied for trial and monthly private lessons will not be eligible for a refund.


Classes are not a subscription fee system, but a one-time payment. Please select the date from the product page and purchase.


Please check the price below.

1. Cross-Border Trial Lesson (Private): 5000 JPY

2. Cross-Border Monthly Lesson (Private): 12000 JPY

3. Technical Monthly Lesson for Shopify Cross-Border EC (Private): 14000 JPY

4. Technical Trial Lesson for Shopify Cross-Border EC (Private): 5000 JPY


Your reservation will not be confirmed unless you proceed to check out and pay the class fee. Please note that.


Schedule Change
If you are unable to make time for your scheduled appointment, please feel free to contact us through the Contact Us page. We will adjust the schedule.


Payment will be made at the time of purchase. Please select your preferred payment method from the site and proceed to checkout.


Prohibited Matter
Consultations regarding private matters, sexual matters, criminal acts, and slander against business operators and others are strictly prohibited. Anyone who causes such an incident will be prohibited from accessing Trendy Japan's website in the future.



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