//Final Announcement// The BFCM Discount Sale will be held from Saturday, November 14th.

//The price change for the discount sale will start around 3:00 pm Japan time on Sunday, November 14th. Note that. //

The BFCM Day Count Sale will be held for 16 days from November 14th to 29th. Please see below for details.

1. Regular discount: 10% discount (for all customers)
2. Email subscription members: 10% discount on total purchase
(Please use the coupon sent by e-mail at check-out)

3. Our SNS Followers: 5% discount on total purchase
(Please use the coupon posted on SNS before discount sale. Posted on our Facebook and IG account on November 13th)

Start date and time: Sunday, November 14, from 8:00 pm Japan time
End date: November 29 until 8:00 pm Japan time

Note) This BFCM Day Count Sale Only for sale items. The coupon can only be used once per person. Award coupons will only be issued to our email subscribers and SNS followers. Register as soon as possible. Please note that SNS coupons, e-mail subscriber coupons, and subscriptions cannot be used together.

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