SECURITY ACTION | Online Business Agent for Cross Border

SECURITY ACTION | Online Business Agent for Cross Border


Trendy Japan is declaring itself to work on information security measures, and having been declared one star.




 Information Security 5 Articles:

1. OS and software are always up to date: Timely version upgrade of OS

2. Introduced antivirus software: Thorough introduction and update of integrated security measures software

3. Password enhancement: Always keep your password at least 10 characters and update it as the latest version.

4. Review sharing settings: Limit the range of sharing of web services

5. Countermeasures against threats and attacks: Obtain information from government research institutes and constantly research the latest countermeasures.

Recognizing the above as part of our normal business, we hereby declare that we will work to ensure that our customers can use the services of safely and securely. | トレンディージャパンドットネット