Uniform price reduction sale will be held | Online Clothing

UPDATED: Uniform price reduction sale will be held | Online Clothing

UPDATED: Uniform price reduction sale will be held | Online Clothing


 Uniform price reduction sale will be held | Online Clothing


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The new Halloween collection is not included, but we will be holding a "flat rate discount sale" below! Please drop by our online shop!


1. Start/End Period:

 Phase 1: From October 6th to October 28th

 Phase 2: From October 30th to November 22nd


2. Start/End Time: 2:00 p.m. Japan Time

3. Venue: Online Shop Only

4. Targeting Products: TrendyJapan.net Original Brand Products ONLY (At this time, we are not considering a sale in the Halloween collection.)

Phase 1: L/W Z/U (Light Weight Zip Up) Hoodie, L/W (Light Weight) Hoodie, Hoodie, S/S (Short Sleeve) T-shirts (Including East Asian limited items)

Phase 2: H/T (High Top) Sneakers, Extreme popularity waist shoulder porch, L/S (Long Sleeve) T-Shirts

5. Price: We will cut the price of each product significantly and sell it at a flat rate.

6. Benefit: Get a 1000-yen gift card that can be used at any time! *

* When purchasing, please be sure to register and create an account by e-mail. We will send the gift card to those who have registered by e-mail.


7. Shipping Fee: There is no change from normal, but please check below.




First of all, I would like to introduce the Phase 1 collection! You can also purchase our products here! ! 




Since there is a possibility that the contents will be updated from time to time, I would appreciate it if you could check this blog from time to time. 


We are looking forward to your purchasing. 



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