Commentary on the pop-up store | Online Clothing Store in Japan

Must see! Commentary on the pop-up store | Online Clothing Store

Must see! Commentary on the pop-up store | Online Clothing Store


 Must see! Commentary on the pop-up store | Online Clothing Store


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 This time, is opening a pop-up event for the first time, so I would like to explain to those who are wondering "What is a pop-up?"


First of all, I will explain from a simple history of the pop-up store! 


1. Pop-up store history:It is said to have originated in 1298 at a limited-time Christmas market in Vienna, Austria. After that, it evolved, and the legendary pop-up store called "The Ultimate Hipster Mall" held in California, USA in 1997 became the origin of the current pop-up store. In 2004, the term "pop-up retail" was coined as a result of a one-year limited pop-up store called "Guerrilla Shop" that caught the attention of Japanese major apparel company Comme des Garçons. Currently, due to the decline of the retail industry in North America, the number of vacant stores is increasing, and the number of cases where EC site operators hold “pop-up” stores for a limited time is increasing rapidly. "Pop-up", which rapidly increased in the United States, England, etc., was later transmitted to Japan as a new sales promotion style, and now there are various styles of pop-up stores in Japan.



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2. So what exactly is a pop-up store?:A store that opens for a limited time from a few days to a few weeks.


3. What is the purpose of holding a pop-up store?:Stores are opened for the purpose of increasing sales channels and promotion. As I touched on earlier, there are more and more cases in Japan that are currently being developed for specific purposes such as offline sales promotion of EC sites, promotion of new services, and announcement of new collections.



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4. What kind of pop-up store?: Today we will introduce 5 representative styles.


 a. Press Preview: A limited-time shop event that invites famous bloggers to a limited number. Taking this opportunity to spread information about shops and brands.


 b. Launch Party: An event to announce new products and services, open a pop-up store for the first time, etc. This style is a store opening style with a slightly high event element, such as hiring a DJ and serving light meals. Regarding information dissemination, we mainly place SNS and spread information for brand recognition.


 c. Experience Type: We hold workshops and invite guest speakers to give visitors a special experience that cannot be experienced on an EC site.


 d. Influencer Party: A collaboration-style limited-time event with influencers who are active in the same genre. It can be said that it is the best style to use influencer's ability to attract customers and communicate directly with customers at the store.


 e. Sponsored Event: This is a store opening method that allows you to acquire more media coverage by investing in sponsored events. Collaborating on coverage from before the event to after the event may produce a tremendous effect.


 Must see! Commentary on the pop-up store| Online Clothing Store



5. Isn't it a lot of trouble to do a pop-up store?:It is very difficult, but this time, has received an invitation from a Japanese apparel event company and will hold it as a group. It takes a lot of preparation until the actual event, but we are working while looking forward to meeting our customers in person, so the fun outweighs the difficulty. It takes a lot of money and time to open a store by yourself. Therefore, by including an event company, you can reduce the cost and time slightly. Also, since it is a group, there are merits that communication with new customers can be born, and various new discoveries can be made through horizontal connections.


6. Why did you decide to open this pop-up event?:

 I've always wanted to do a pop-up event someday, but I was actually aiming for a group event. I received an invitation from the event company at just the right time, and the event was held at Harajuku's Cat Street, a venue that would be unbearable for fashionistas. We have decided. All discussions were done digitally, such as Google Meet. Also, since this venue can be expected to have a lot of traffic from Japanese fashionistas, we analyzed that there is a high possibility that there is a high possibility of having the pleasure of talking directly with new customers of the digital generation. Banner

Must see! Commentary on the pop-up store | Online Clothing Store



7. Unfortunately, I live in a foreign country and can't participate in the pop-up event... Do you have any plans for those people?


I'm currently in the process of making plans. Once confirmed, we will announce it again on news. 


8. In short, what is a store at a pop-up event?


It is a store that "suddenly appeared" for the purpose of opening a store offline for a limited time in order to expand new sales channels, and to communicate directly with customers about brand awareness and various services. Also, as a point to note when opening a store, it is necessary to be in a place where the target customer's "traffic" is the best.


This time, we explained about the new retail style "pop-up" which is currently very popular in Japan. 


The event where will open this time will be a sales promotion with a strong event element, so we are looking forward to providing an enjoyable time for everyone. 



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