Frequently Asked Questions

About Trendy Japan Online Shop

What does your online shop sell?

Trendy Japan first opened as a store specializing in original T-shirts. In 2023, we officially started business as Shopify Partners as a consultant specializing in cross-border EC. From around 2023, the Trendy Japan site will be gradually renewed as a consulting specification site. Please check our company profile for more details.

Are you currently just selling online classes and e-books as a consultation? Do you not sell T-shirts?

Currently, only T-shirts are sold as Trendy Japan goods. Please check HERE for a list of Trendy Japan's services.

About Online Classes

Are there any rules for online classes?

For details, please check the "Online Class Policy" page.

I live overseas, can I still take the course?

Unfortunately, we are currently starting sales as a test case for people who are "Japanese" and "residing in Japan." Depending on the situation thereafter, we plan to start online classes overseas.

I'm a member of Shopify Partners, but unfortunately I'm having trouble getting deals. Could you please give me a lecture on how to obtain projects?

Trendy Japan has been working as a consultant specializing in cross-border e-commerce for one year. I have taught several students how I have been able to obtain cross-border e-commerce projects. I can give you a lecture on how to acquire cross-border e-commerce projects.

I'm currently a company employee, but I'm thinking of starting a cross-border e-commerce business soon. However, to be honest, I don't really understand much about cross-border e-commerce... could you please tell me?

Of course, we have a course specializing in cross-border e-commerce, so please take advantage of it. However, regarding practical matters, please contact Lancers.

As Shopify Partners, we have been building e-commerce sites for domestic sales, but a client requested that we build a cross-border e-commerce site. Is it possible to learn how to do that?

Of course, it is possible. Please check HERE for details.

Can I choose the date and then pay?

Your reservation will be confirmed by selecting the date from the online class product page, proceeding to checkout, and paying the course fee. Please check HERE for details.

I work at a company during the day and only have time on weekends or evenings. Are you available during that time?

Generally speaking, we do not hold lectures on weekday evenings, but we concentrate our lectures on weekends. If you are unable to use the service on weekdays, please use the weekend lectures.

About Paid Member Blogs

Please tell me the terms and conditions for paid membership blogs.

Please check HERE for the terms and conditions for paid member blogs.

I can't find the membership registration form?

Please register HERE.

Has the content that was previously available for free become a paid membership blog?

Yes, articles that provide useful information for starting a cross-border e-commerce business are paid content. Blogs with paid content...

That's all.

If you are considering trading with Japan, we have compiled information on Japanese trends, trade laws, and modern subcultures in an easy-to-read format.

If you are interested, you can register for membership by clicking on the links above.

Please feel free to use it.

I have registered for membership, but I don't know how to enter.

After registering for membership, you should have received an email confirming that your membership registration has been completed. Please log in using that email.

Does this subscription cost include VAT?

VAT and consumption tax in your country are not included in the price and must be paid by the customer. Please check HERE for details.

Is the article written in Japanese?

No, the default language of all Trendy Japan online shops is "English". Therefore, articles are created in "English" and translated into "Japanese", "Hindi", "Chinese", etc. Therefore, I don't think you will have any problems with the language.

I would like to cancel my subscription.

You will receive a notification email on the next billing date. Please complete the cancellation procedures at that time.

About T-shirt Sales

Please let me know the shipping fee for the T-shirt!

Please check HERE for details.

Does the price include VAT and customs duties?

Our goods are shipped on a POD (Print On Demand) basis. The product will be shipped from a factory near the customer's area, and we will basically be responsible for EU VAT. Please note that in the unlikely event that customs duties are incurred, the customer will be responsible for paying them. Please check HERE for details.

Do you accept returns?

Trendy Japan does not accept returns for any reason. However, we do accept refunds in the event of damage during shipping or if an item is out of stock. Please check HERE for details.

Approximately how long does it take for delivery to be completed?

Manufacturing begins as soon as an order is received, and the product is shipped directly from the factory to the customer. If you look at it for about 1 week to 14 days, you will receive it. If you do not receive it within 14 days, please contact us HERE.

About Cancellation

Regarding cancellation of online classes

Please see below for details.

Regarding subscription cancellation for paid membership blogs

Please see below for details.

Regarding T-shirt order cancellation and refunds

Please see below for details.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!