How to enjoy BFCM Events in Japan | Online Clothing Shop

How to enjoy BFCM Events in Japan | Online Clothing Shop

How to enjoy BFCM Events in Japan | Online Clothing Shop 


 How to enjoy BFCM Events | Online Clothing Shop



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If you yourself run an e-commerce site or live in North America or Europe, when you hear about BFCM, I think you'll think, "That day has come!" 


Over the past few years in Japan, as the e-commerce business has become more and more popular, I think that the term BFCM has become more common. 

 How to enjoy BFCM Events | Online Clothing Shop



This time, along with the history of BFCM, we will explain how to enjoy the BFCM event in a Q&A format. 


Q1. In the first place, what is the abbreviation for BFCM?

A1. The BF part of BFCM is an abbreviation for "Black Friday" and the CM part is an abbreviation for "Cyber Monday", and the two abbreviations are collectively called BFCM.


Q2. What is Black Friday?

A2. For people living in the United States and other countries, shopping after Thanksgiving is now a big event of the year. It is said that it started more than 60 years ago when the number of shoppers after Thanksgiving increased rapidly, and the police officers of a certain state who had trouble dealing with it added the name of the event to defile the name of the event. Today, only the name remains, and it has become the biggest event in Europe and the United States within the year.


How to enjoy BFCM Events | Online Clothing Shop

Q3. What is Cyber Monday

A3. Cyber Monday refers to the Monday after Thanksgiving, and is said to be the day when the EC industry is the most exciting in the year. In Europe and the United States, there is a custom to buy Christmas gifts during BFCM, and there is a tendency to hold big discount sales at the end of the year along with Black Friday.


Q4. Is BFCM popular in Japan now?

A4. In the past few years, "Black Friday" has become established, but the recognition of "Cyber Monday" has not yet taken root. However, in the past few years, each EC company in Japan has held a discount sale event under the name of BFCM.



Q5. There is a perception that Black Friday is an event at retail roadside stores...?

A5. In the EC business superpower "United States", it has already become a common event, but in recent years it has shown remarkable growth in countries in Europe and Asia that do not have a Thanksgiving culture. I think I've talked about this before, but in North America and all other countries, the street-level store business is declining, and instead, the shift to e-commerce is accelerating. BFCM in Japan is also rapidly increasing.


Q6. Which e-commerce company holds the famous BFCM in Japan?

A6. In Japan, "Amazon Japan", which is said to be the driving force behind importing BFCM culture, and "Ito-Yokado EC site", which is said to wipe out the deficit every year during this period, are very famous.


Q7. When is the 2022 BFCM?

A7. 2022 is said to be from November 27th to 30th.

 How to enjoy BFCM Events | Online Clothing Shop

Q8. Will hold BFCM in 2022?

A8. yes. It will be held. If you purchase 10,000 yen or more (approximately 2 items or more), we will give you a 15% discount at checkout. The system settings have already been completed to some extent, and the final system check will be done the day before, and the event will be held from 2:00 Japan time on November 5th.


Q9. BFCM is said to be from November 27th to 30th, but why is set for November 5th to 26th?

A9. There's a reason for that.

 a. main customer base is in North America, Europe, India, and Asia.

 b. To avoid transportation confusion just before.


 We believe that transportation disruptions will cause a great deal of stress to our customers, and that it will be related to credibility problems in the future. We are taking that into consideration. Therefore, by announcing in advance the deadline for orders that can be delivered by Christmas, we want you to enjoy shopping at BFCM, so we have made it earlier than other companies. For customers who are thinking of shopping at BFCM as a "Christmas" gift, we hope you will enjoy it slowly and carefully.

 How to enjoy BFCM Events | Online Clothing Shop

Please see below for order deadlines that can be delivered before Christmas. 


Order Deadline for Delivery by Christmas | Online Clothing Shop – TrendyJapan


At, the price of TrendyJapan original brand products will be uniformly reduced by BFCM, and during the BFCM period, customers who purchase 10,000 yen or more will receive a 15% discount at checkout to reduce customer stress. Let me do it! 

 How to enjoy BFCM Events | Online Clothing Shop

For your safety when purchasing, we ask that you register your e-mail address. Thank you for your kind cooperation. 


We do our best to make your purchase stress-free! Please look forward to BFCM 2022 from November 5th! 


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